Version 4.3 of CFSteel is now available.

Program features:

  • Design of tensioned structural members, columns and beam-columns.
  • Supported codes: Eurocode 3, North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members / AISI S100 including ASD, LRFD and LSD methods and Russian code SP 260.1325800.2016.
  • Design of trusses according to Eurocode 3 and Russian code SP 260.1325800.2016.
  • When calculating for Eurocode 3, it is possible to tune into the National Annex of any state.
  • Available types of section: Channel, Lipped channel, Lipped channel with double edge fold stiffeners, Lipped channel with one curved groove on the web, Sigma-section, double sections (back-to-back) from above sections and Zed-section.
  • The program has a section editor and a steel editor that allows you to create, edit and delete the corresponding databases. User can create their own databases of profiles and the base of steels, and also keep them up to date.
  • Application provides calculation of a reduced properties of effective cross-sections according to EC3, NAS and SP 260 inside and outside the calculations of structural elements.
  • When calculations of reduced properties are performed, the following loading conditions are taken into account: uniform compression, bending about the horizontal axis, bending about the vertical axis (web is in compression), bending about the vertical axis (lips are in compression).
  • Calculation of net-section properties.
  • Interface is possible in English and Russian.
  • International System of Units (SI) and United States customary units.
  • Detailed presentation of the results with intermediate values.
  • Presentation of results on the screen, as well as transmission results to Microsoft Excel® and conversion to HTML format.
  • Powerful help system.
  • Convenient calculation settings.
Available National Annexes

System requirements: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

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